How does it work?

Our unique blend of ingredients combined with a revolutionary and unique method of producing the cream, work together to penetrate all layers of the skin to achieve unprecedented results and the appearance of clear skin from psoriasis.

What parts of the body can you use?

DermaZor® cream can be used throughout the body. Including facial scalp and intimate areas.

Relief in just a few days of use.

Results may very from person to person.

Are there side effects?

DermaZor cream was examined dermatologically and has no side effects.

Dermazor Pharm
Dermazor Pharm
What is the active ingredient in DermaZor®?

The active ingredients of DermaZor® is natural Salicylic Acid 3% (Bark willow tree) with Zinc and Cannabis oil complex.

What is Cannabis oil complex?

Cannabis oil comes from the female cannabis plant. It is an extract that contains close to four hundred natural compounds that act throughout the body with diverse medical benefits.

How does Cannabis oil complex work to fight psoriasis?

Cannabis interacts with the endocannabinoid receptor system located throughout the body. It induces responses that are normally regulated by a group of naturally occurring ‘cannabis-like’ chemicals called endocannabinoids in our body. Research suggests that by acting on our endocannabinoid system, Cannabis may be useful in slowing the rapid growth of keratinocytes (scaly& flaky skin) seen in psoriasis as well as reducing the severity of inflammation associated with autoimmune disorders like psoriasis.

In order to obtain effective results, how many times do you have to apply DermaZor® each day?

Apply 2-4 times daily, depending on the medical condition.

What age can you use?

It can be used from 2 years old.

Does the cream stain or soil?

DermaZor® cream is fat free meaning it does not dirt or stain!

What is the color of the ointment?

DermaZor® cream is a light beige color.

Does the cream smell?

DermaZor® cream has a pleasant odor.

Dermazor Pharm

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