Clinical Results

Clinical Results

See the remarkable results from DermaZor® clinical tests. DermaZor® reduces psoriasis symptoms in just a few days. DermaZor was clinically tested on more than 130 people throughout the world and demonstrated proven efficacy in the treatment of psoriasis patients. Clinically and dermatologically tested, DermaZor® has proven efficacy in the treatment of skin disorders. DermaZor®’s unique ingredients of Salicylic acid 3%, Zinc and Cannabis oil complex work together to relieve symptoms, minimize recurring outbreaks of the disease and restore the skin to its natural and healthy state. Download our complete clinical case study reports here.

DermaZor is recognized by doctors and professional associations:

  • In compliance with the FDA OTC drug listing requirements.
  • Is registered as a Patent medicine. “Topical Compositions for Treatment of Psoriasis”.

In a clinical study, DermaZor medicated skin treatment cream:

  • Reduced psoriasis symptoms such as scaling and itching in just a few days.
  • Prevented and minimized symptomatic recurrences when used regularly.
  • Restored skin to its natural healthy state within two weeks.
  • Proved to be safe with no side effects.

DermaZor is hypoallergenic and free off steroids/cortisone, harmful chemicals and coal tar. Safe to use on any body part, appropriate for all skin types and on ages over 2. DermaZor®’s intensive cream is easy-to-use with a delicate texture and pleasant odor. When applied to the skin, DermaZor softens and spreads over the skin. Our easily absorbed, gentle formula does not soil or stain clothes.