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Dermazor Pharm

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DermaZor was developed by Prestigio, Ltd., a dermatology-specialist company engaged in the research and development of pharmaceutical products to treat damaged skin and skin diseases. The company employs only the best doctors, pharmacists and chemists, world-renowned in the fields of dermatology. Clinically and dermatologically tested, all Prestigio products are hypoallergenic and have proven efficacy in the treatment of skin disorders with no demonstrated side effects. Prestigio products are protected by international patents and approved by the FDA.

Our story

A new life for Psoriasis patients – at any age, anytime, anywhere! DermaZor® addresses our mission to find a real, scientific and well-based solution for the treatment of Psoriatic lesions that will heal the skin and enable patients to live a new, free, confident, peaceful and fulfilling life. Truly listening to and empathizing with patients’ hardships has been Prestigio’s guiding principle, leading our team of experts to develop an innovative revolutionary series of products for the treatment of Psoriasis. DermaZor® is Clinically Proven Psoriasis Medicated Skin Treatment.

Dermazor Pharm
Dermazor Pharm

Our Values

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Our Way

In order to make our goals a reality- DermaZor has established a state of the art technological system, based on the most innovative knowledge in the field of skin deceases and Psoriasis. All Prestigio products are manufactured in advanced laboratories, according to strict international regulations, and under strict quality control, using only natural materials of a high quality. DermaZor was clinically tested on over 135 people (different age groups and stages of the disease) throughout the world and demonstrated proven efficacy in the treatment of psoriasis patients.

Dermazor Pharm
Dermazor Pharm

Our Team

Scientific Advisor – Prof. Michael David. Internationally recognized dermatologist and award-winning scientist. Head of the Dermatology Department, Rabin Medical Center, Sackler School of Medicine, Tel Aviv University; Chairman of the Psoriasis Forum and President of the Israel Dermatological Society. Authored and co-authored over 200 national and international publications. Senior Consultant for the Israeli Health Insurance Fund, runs a private practice at Ramat Aviv Medical Center, Israel. CEO & Brand Manager – Iris Rave CEO & CFO – David Merary.

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